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DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on Hydro Protocol technology, offering instant, real-time order matching with secure on-chain settlement.

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Start securely trading on DDEX right away using one of our many supported digital wallets. No additional registration is required.

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Exchange with Actual Liquidity

One of the top decentralized exchanges by both total number of transactions and trading volume. Realtime API. Liquidity friendly fee structure yields greater market depth.

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No Deposit Required

Using Ethereum smart contracts and the Hydro Protocol, DDEX allows users to trade digital assets directly from wallet-to-wallet. No depositing required: you have complete control of your assets.

Revolutionary for Ledger users - trade without your assets ever leaving your storage barrier!

24/7 Trading on the go

We offer a wide variety of mobile options for trading 24/7. You can download our DDEX mobile-native trading app at Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are also available on mobile DApp browsers including Cipher, Toshi, Trust and Dapp Browser.

Automated Trading and Market Making

Our Hydro API documentation is free! The realtime websocket API provides state-of-the-art capabilities for automated trading.

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What Our Community is Saying...

The UI is wonderful. It's the convenience of EtherDelta but with the UI of GDAX.

The ability to buy and sell tokens directly from my ledger is the ultimate form of security. Decentralized exchanges are providing the safety and security that crypto desperately needs!

They provide one of the only DEX API's that supports free order cancellation, which is key for our market making strategy. Their SDK is extremely well documented. Support is professional and fast. Brilliant!